The FEDDCon hotel block has closed, please contact us if you still need a room.

APRIL 25TH - 27TH 2022

FEDDCon is a one-of-a kind conference that attracts attendees from all food equipment industry channels. As the connection engine, FEDDCon features in-depth information about digital marketing and branding for the industry at large.

FEDDCon 22 is an exclusive and productive networking opportunity with access to industry leaders and channel partners, helping organizations align their marketing goals. We are the footprint in the sand for what’s next in an industry primed to evolve.

On and off screen, sponsorship of FEDDCon 22 creates a lasting impact. Over the course of 3 days your brand will be at the center stage of food equipment digital disruption where content will be created and shared endlessly. Solidify your commitment to promoting the skilled trades as we brand and market for the next generation… TOGETHER.
The FEDD Group brings our industry together to share best practices, and provides resources & know-how to assist your business and brand’s growth. With a strong emphasis on #communityovercompetition The FEDD Group hosts events to sharpen the cutting-edge of your digital presence.

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